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With 200% organization growth rate as compared to the industry average, Lotte Insurance is advancing with concentration and innovation.

Lotte Insurance is equipped with highly specialized organization networks to provide more customized financial products and services to our customers. We not only plan and develop essential insurance products but also conveniently provide various services and insurance benefits through efficient networking.

Head Office

  • Customer Call Center +82-1588-3344
  • HOW-MUCH  +82-1588-3655

Individual Sales Offices

  • Jungbu Office     T.+82-2-2636-6313 F.+82-2-2094-5413
  • Gangnam Office T.+82-2-2043-8572 F.+82-2-2094-5407
  • Bukbu Office      T.+82-2-933-7328 F.+82-2-2094-5400
  • Incheon Office    T.+82-32-438-4131 F.+82-2-2094-5436
  •  Suwon Office     T.+82-31-239-9600 F.+82-2-2094-5430
  • Gangwon Office  T.+82-33-747-7660 F.+82-2-2094-5443
  • Chungcheong Office    T.+82-42-253-7855 F.+82-2-2094-5449
  • Daegu Office      T.+82-53-741-2400 F.+82-2-2094-5473
  • West-Daegu Office Setup TFTT.+82-53-741-2982 F.+82-2-2094-5348
  • Gwangju Office   T.+82-62-234-1788 F.+82-2-2094-5461
  • East-Gwangju Office   T.+82-62-384-8572 F.+82-2-2094-5585
  • Busan Office      T.+82-51-505-1844 F.+82-2-2094-5421
  • Busan Central Office Setup TFT      T.+82-51-557-7030 F.+82-2-2094-5190
  • Gyeongnam Office      T.+82-55-292-6446 F.+82-2-2094-5483
  • Jeonbuk Office   T.+82-63-244-1005 F.+82-2-2094-5456
  • Jeju Office T.+82-64-742-0821 F.+82-2-2094-5493
  • Agency Marketing OfficeT.+82-2-775-0396 F.+82-2-2094-5496
  • Agency Marketing Office Setup TFT T.+82-32-325-1433 F.+82-2-2094-5580

Corporate Sales Offices

  • Sales Division 1   T.+82-2-3455-3504 F.+82-2-2094-5528
  • Sales Division 2   T.+82-2-3455-3517 F.+82-2-2094-5529
  • Sales Division 3   T.+82-2-3455-3667 F.+82-2-2094-5530
  • Sales Division 4   T.+82-2-3455-3512 F.+82-2-2094-5531
  • Sales Division 5   T.+82-2-3455-3548 F.+82-2-2094-5532
  • Sales Division 6   T.+82-2-3455-3553 F.+82-2-2094-5533
  • Direct Sales Division    T.+82-2-3455-3689 F.+82-2-2094-5569

Regional Claim Management Centers

  • Gangbuk Claim Center T.+82-2-924-8572 F.+82-2-925-0414
  • Jungang Claim Center T.+82-2-780-8572 F.+82-2-786-8570
  • Gyeonggi Claim CenterT.+82-31-223-8572 F.+82-31-221-4970
  • Daejeon Claim Center  T.+82-42-255-8572 F.+82-42-242-4972
  • Gwangju Claim Center T.+82-62-363-8572 F.+82-62-225-3153
  • Daegu Claim Center  T.+82-53-742-8572 F.+82-53-745-4850
  • Busan Claim Center  T.+82-51-807-8572 F.+82-51-807-064