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Sales Channels

Wherever our customers need us, Lotte Insurance is by your side.

Lotte Insurance provides face-to-face engagement with customers in order to provide the highest quality insurance service anywhere, any time. Lotte Insurance visits customers through various sales distribution channels, such as home shopping, the Internet or by phone among others. Lotte Insurance introduces a variety of channels in reaching out to customers

LC Organization

For customers who want to design an insurance policy of your own that is most suitable for your lifestyle, there are over 10,000 professional Lotte Consultants (LC) and agencies that provide customized insurance information and financial consulting services. An LC is an asset management consultant whom you can trust in providing happiness and sound health through the thorough business processing abilities and expert knowledge in finance and investments.


Lotte Insurance provides insurance information through diversified channels including Telemarketing (TM), Cyber marketing (CM), Home Shopping and Bancassurance. Such services are to the convenience of busy modern customers. You can see direct automobile insurance 'How Much', as well as other long-term insurance products and annuity insurance among others.

Lotte Finance Center

The new Lotte Finance Center provides total finance solutions as provided by Lotte Insurance, Lotte Card and Lotte Capital. Located within Lotte Department Stores and Lotte Marts, customers can conveniently access the new-conceptual insurance service.