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Customer Service

As a trustworthy friend is always with you, Lotte Insurance guarantees the No. 1 insurer in the hearts of customers by providing the 1st grade service.

A trustworthy insurance company shows a difference in services. By providing a quick, kind and high quality customer service through the systematic on- and off-line services from the receiving of an accident application to compensation, Lotte Insurance accommodates different emotional needs of customers with dignity. providing a unique kind of service, Lotte Insurance protects our customers from hardship. Lotte Insurance is always nearby and ready to lend a helping hand.

Customer Satisfaction Service

Lotte Insurance provides a customer call center service that is available anywhere, any time, operating 24 hours a day throughout the year. For customers' civil applications and compensation information, a corresponding business manager is selected as a person in charge who guarantees to meet customer satisfaction.

Happy Car Service

Based on a special contract for Happy Car Service, urgent automobile management services are promptly provided including urgent towing, emergency service, battery charging, emergency fueling, tire exchange, locker release and other services.

High Quality Service

High quality services are guaranteed in order to support and help customers acquire information on the superior cooperative vehicle maintenance company lists, one-on-one accident consultation service online and offline, small claims agency processing service, long term insurance processing information support and accident processing results notice.

On-the-spot Mobility Service

Upon receiving an accident application, the responsible staff quickly moves to the scene and takes appropriate actions. The service has a nationwide network including the 'SK Speedmate', which provides quick help and safe treatment if an accident occurs.

Digital Service

Receipt of an accident application, accident treatment results and other relevant information are sent to the customer's mobile phone via SMS text message. Furthermore, all relevant information on accidents and treatment processes, various compensation-related certificates, A written confirmation of an accident, and consulting service for compensation processes are provided step by step on the company's Internet homepage.