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Looking into the future, taking a step further, Lotte Insurance provides only the strictly selected products.

Based on various cultures and types of living, the need for insurance policies has become more and more diversified. Lotte Insurance anticipates future changes in the market and accurately understands and reflects the needs of customers by always introducing insurance policies that are one step ahead. Lotte Insurance guarantees the highest standard insurance to satisfy customers.

Automobile Insurance

An Automobile Insurance compensates casualty and property oss while the car owner holds, uses and manages the automobile. Customers can conveniently choose from various automobile related insurance policies for private, business and commercial uses.

Fire Insurance

Fire Insurance covers damages from fire, as well as damages from storm, flood, and explosion based on a special agreement.

Casualty Insurance

Casualty Insurance covers insurance other than marine, fire, automobile, long-term and guarantee insurances. This provides customized insurance policy in specialized areas such as casualties, assembly, building construction, machinery, sales reparation liability and theft

Long-term Insurance

Long-term Insurance covers not only casualties, diseases, property damage and reparation liability but also the annuity to secure customers' lives in senior years. This ensures long-term insurance coverage that fully reflects customers' needs, and provides maturity payment refund payable upon maturity.

Marine Insurance

Marine Insurance covers damages from marine accidents. The policy owner can choose from various contract policies according to purpose, which includes security of shipment (cargo), vessels, freight and lost profit.

Retirement Insurance

Retirement Annuity policy guarantees a reliable retirement annuity system and products with high long-term stability and returns for a stable life.